St. Brigid Degree Team

The St. Brigid Degree Team is a group of women within the Michigan Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians Organization, Inc. Our mission is to serve the LAOH and our Irish Communities with service and foster an in-depth knowledge of Irish American and Hibernian history. 

One of the most important functions of this team is to confer Degrees on new LAOH members and assist in the Installation of new State Officers at the biennial State Convention.  The Degrees of our Order are an essential part of being a member of the LAOH.  Each member, when receiving Degrees, is shown the grand history of the Irish people and our Catholic faith, the importance of women is that history and is sworn to solemn obligation that is taken as Degreed members. 

The Degree Ceremony is a wonderful, theatrical exemplification of our motto; Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity.

Michigan is blessed to have a LAOH Degree Team and we are seeking new members. Our membership is comprised of women from nearly all divisions in Michigan so you may already know many of us.

We meet occasionally, sometimes over zoom, so the commitment is low. We will hold in person meetings when preparing for an event or ceremony. 

Interested?   Contact us today @